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Whataburger fandom is a dedicated fandom. With all the artwork created for the love of Whataburger, a space to celebrate these artists and their work was a must. The Whataburger Museum of Art (or WMOA), is a curated online museum on Instagram showcasing artwork, artists, and open calls. My role in this was curating and creating content calendars. Every week I would look through submissions and pick out which ones to include in the museum. Then take these works, schedule them out for the month, and include any monthly events (Feature Fridays, Featured Artists, etc.)

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The Art

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Featured Artist - Black History Month

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Every Black History Month the WMOA is honored to commission 3-4 artists to create a piece that celebrates Black history and Whataburger. One of our featured artists, BE3K, is a realist painter who paints from the culture around him. By focusing on capturing happiness in all his pieces, he encourages viewers to learn how to enjoy themselves for simply being who they are.

WMOA Black History Month Promo - Storyboard

At the end of Black History Month, we got the chance to create a promo piece highlighting BE3K’s work and process.

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WMOA Promo - Storyboard

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