Art Direction | UX/UI


Winc is an online wine subscription that creates and curates their own wine. They take feedback from customers to make new wines. For this project we focused in on that feedback loop between Winc and the customer. We extended the brand with a digital assets, such as a website and mobile app, all the way to physical goods, such as packaging and cards.

Haley Prieto: App Design, Packaging
Vanessa Kerr: Desktop Design, Quiz
Kathleen Moneyhon: Packaging, Wine tags
Sarah Halmon: Social Media, Packaging

Competetive Audit



Winc provides a well-rounded selection without the storefront that brings affortable and authentic wines for everyone looking to discover and expand their palate. We create and curate a convenient collection of options as we believe the experience should be as fine as the wine.


Winc is the only wine club that creates and curates their own wine to match their customer’s unique taste palate based on their feedback.



* You are the reason we do what we do. We like to keep you in the loop of our wine-making process.


website home


Wine Selection


Recipe cards

Mobile App


The current app is simply the mobile website. There is no added incentive to download the app over just opening it up in your browser. By constantly having to login in, there’s nothing new to offer the customer when they first open it.


We have taken the app and created a customized experience. We continue to highlight on the feedback loop between Winc and the customer by providing personalized pages. Users can easily access their current or upcoming order, rate their wines, and archive past wines.

Userflow Research

Rating System

In-depth rating system that allows Winc to accurately understand your wants and need in a wine.


Upcoming Order

View your order prior to its delivery. Users have the ability to read more about the wine and/or make changes.


Ratings & Reviews

Along with yoru curated wine order, Winc offers an open and transparent review section about those chosen wines, written by real customers.



A database where users are able to revisit past wines. Once an order is active it's added to the cabinet. Read up on pairings, notes, and more.


My Crate

Check on when your order is arriving, skip a month, or adjust shipping addess.