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Many people in the U.S, especially young people, show up on election day and cast their vote for their favorite candidate thats been all over media and is then left with the rest of the ballot full of candidates they’ve never heard of. Other people don’t even make it that far from either a lack of knowledge on candidates or simply not caring. This app is a way to read up and learn more about all candidates from federal to the city council. The end goal is to create an easy way for anyone to get an idea of their current and potential representatives.

Jumping-off Point

This project all started was with another assignment where we had to create a homepage for one of four organizations. I went with “When We All Vote”, which was started by Michelle Obama, Tom Hanks, Lin-Manuel Miranda, Janelle Monae, Chris Paul, Faith Hill and Tim McGraw. The organization’s main goals are to increase voter turnout and close the gender and race gap. While designing and deciding what I found important for the site, I kept going back to getting involved and being informed, mainly being informed. So I started playing with being able to find out “who represented you”. From here, I started on “Shut Up and Vote”, where I took a much more direct approach and did more research on what someone needs to know before election day. I not only provided who your representatives are, but some of their history and track record. The app sticks to facts by showing bills and laws that have to do with that particular official.

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Voter Statistics

More and more young voters are finding their way to the polls here in the U.S. Currently 18-29 year olds voting are on the rise and expected to increase for the 2020 election. However, millennials still maintain the lowest voter turnout. This app could provide a more streamlined voting experience for an already growing voter demographic, encouraging participation in our national and local elections. These are the adults that will and are already shaping our future. Even if you think your vote doesn’t matter, youre not the only one who thinks that, which causes a domino effect of lost votes. Get out and let your voice be heard!

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User Research

Empathy Map


Ashlyn needs a way to see who's on the ballot so that she can be more confident in her vote.

Ashlyn needs a way to get more involved so that she can make a bigger impact in her community.

Ashlyn needs a way to easily read up on government officials so that she is more informed.

Empathy Map


Mark needs a way to easily access cadidate info so that he doesn’t spend hours searching on the internet.

Mark needs a way to make politics more engaging so that he will pay closer attention and be more aware.

Mark needs a way to see what governement is voting on so that he can see how it affects his daily life.

How might we...

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Not only can you read up more on politics, Shut Up and Vote gets to know you so you can customize your experience to suite your needs. Onboarding includes a 10 question quiz to learn where you are on the left-right spectrum. After this it recommends government officials to follow.


Critical Point

Critical Point


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Scenario 1.

You heard the election is coming up and your senator is up for re-election. You want to know who else is running for office.

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Scenario 2.

While looking at your options for US Senate, you want to know how these candidates are voting and what bills and/or laws they've had a part in.


Scenario 3.

You're looking to get more involved in your community and want to see if there’s any events happening tomorrow night. You're even thinking about hosting an event yourself.