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When people get older, family starts to move away, friends pass on, and you begin to feel less independent and even worse, lonely. Housemate is a way to gain some independence and peace of mind. You are able to play games, listen to audiobooks, listen to music, and more. What makes this different is its ability to know you and your schedule. Housemate gives you daily reminders and suggestions. We understand you love living in your own home and now you can sit a little more comfortable with a Housemate.

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Elderly Statistics
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How Might We...

Help senior citizens feel more comfortable in their own home?

Find a solution that keeps senior citizens in their own homes?

Help our grandparents and senior citizens with different tasks while we’re not there?

Help the elderly better connect with family and friends when they are limited?

Make day-to-day easier for our seniors?

In Home Security and Sensors

Along with the app, there are additional features that will help you get the most out of Housemate. Sensors on the refridgerator notify the caregiver to let them know thier loved one is active. Camera security serves the senior, as well as caregiver, with in indoor cameras and outdoor cameras where the senior can ask to see who’s at the door instead of getting up. Speakers are essential so seniors are able to easily communicate with Housemate. Finally, automatic locks make life easier for seniors as they can simply tell housemate to open the door for them.

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Caregiver Side of App

There are two sides of the app available, one catered towards seniors and one for caregivers. However, the phone app is not required as you are also able to enjoy with your speaker.

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Storyboard Sketches

Storyboard Sketches Storyboard Sketches

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Although there there are many things Housemate can do, nothing can replace genuine human connection. Remember, our grandparents have been around a while, they’ve seen and expirenced a lot. One of the best things we can do is give them someone to share their stories with. Take the time to listen, relate, and enjoy their company.