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Case knives wanted a way to reach their customers and give back in a meaningful way. So came the Stay Sharp Tour. We designed a traveling experience that went around the US sharpening knives for customers, Case brand or not. Although the sharpening was the focus of the tour, there were other activations and activities for attendees to do while waiting, learning more about Case. Many of these stops were at retail locations that carry Case products, so people could easily stop in and shop.


Brainstorming for these activations were exciting and challenging. We had to make sure these were engaging and fit nicely into Case’s brand.

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Find the Right Knife Tool

Even though this quiz already existed on Case’s site, we made a second version specifically for the tour. This version was on an iPad docked on the trailer. Nearby was a QR code for those who wanted to take the quiz while someone was on the iPad. Also included was an optional email capture for people who also wanted their results emailed to them.

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Survey Wall

A piece that not only serves as something to interact with but even an art installation. On the board, six questions were listed asking things like favorite knife pattern and style. Attendees would then take provided string and put it through the corresponding loops. This gave us an insight to Case enthusiasts’ likes and interests, as well as created various visually interesting paths.

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Case Timeline

There's arguably no better way to learn about a company’s history than a good timeline. But we had to make sure this was going to be something attendees would actually want to stop and read. With a design that mimics the “X” of Case’s logo and a balance of visuals and copy, people naturally found themselves learning something new.

Site Map

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Now we had to take this event and set it on a landing page where potential attendees could get available information and resources. Included are features like the next stop bar, a red bar underneath the hero that stays updated with where the next stop will be, an interactive map, and quick bio about our driver/knife sharpener, John. Also provided is a link to a Case video demonstrating how someone could do it themselves for those who were unable to make it out.

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Interactive Map

On the landing page is this Case branded map that more easily displays the locations of the stops. People can quickly see which X is closest to their location and click to see when and where it is.

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The Event

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