Alien Worlds



Alien Worlds is a San Antonio company that has been around for thirty years and serves as a one-stop shop for comics, toys, and gaming. They got their name from the classic comic series of the same name and have two locations. This project started off as a simple trademark but grew into a brand. The trademark started out with a combination of the A and the W from the name of the company. It then became this ambiguous mark that could be used in many different ways, serving as a reflection of the store. Alien Worlds is not only a store but a place for people to come together as they host events and tournaments.


Bazinga Comics

2941 Thousand Oaks #101,
San Antonio, TX 78247

Dragon's Lair

7959 Fredericksburg Rd #129,
San Antonio, TX 78229

Heroes and Fantasies

4923 Northwest Loop 410,
San Antonio, TX 78229

The Stash Spot

3903 Eisenhauer Rd,
San Antonio, TX 78218

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Logo Creation

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Social Media

Alien Worlds on social media gives them the opprotunutinty to share new items for sale, events, and general updates with the shop. Either every or every other Friday they would hashtag “Action Figure Friday”, where they would feature an action figure in the shop. This would most likely be a new addition but could be something that has been in stock a while.

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