Dropbox Focus

Art Direction | UX/UI


Dropbox Focus is an extension of the company's current brand. We were challenged to create a new experience for users, all while adhering to existing brand guidelines. We customized the user's photo storage organization and provided tools such as editing and sharing.

Haley Prieto: App Design, Desktop, TV Extension
Vanessa Kerr: Desktop Design, App Design
Nayeli Coronado: Logo animations, Social Media, App Deisgn, Promo Video
Sarah Halmon: Social Media, Illustrations

Competetive Audit


Brand Values

Dropbox values hard workers with a goal of making collaboration and organization solid and secure. Our mission is to design a more enlightened way of working by working smart. We want to limit the noise so you can focus on work that matters. We hope to heighten your understanding by giving you more control over editing, sharing and saving.


Dropbox is the only smart workspace that gives the user total control over their photo storage and organization.



* Organization your way


Our logo represents scrolling through all your photos and, by showing the lifted square, finally finding that one you were looking for with the help of our focus in organization. Since this is a brand extension, we kept close to existing brand by using the squares from the Dropbox logo.

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Userflow Research

Mobile Userflow

mobile flow


mobile flow mobile flow mobile flow

Smart TV App

You just got back from your trip abroad and can’t wait to share with your friends and family. Except you’re not looking foward to everyone huddled around your phone. Now if you have your photos on dropbox, you have them on your TV, ideal for comfortable viewing. You can view an album or even get creative and make your own slide show.

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First Time Users

First time opening a slideshow or album on your TV you’re prompted with a message letting you know you are able to have control from your phone.

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Slideshow Editing

You can make your own slideshow in Dropbox Focus, this is ideal for weddings, graduation parties, reunions, or just for fun! You do your editing on your desktop, some features include transitions and music.

mobile flow mobile flow


Dropbox Focus on Instagram focuses on the concept of nostalgia to give the users a more personal experience with the photography. Also included are short promotional videos and tips on photo organization so they can "get it together".


Promotional Video